We,FURUKAWA UNIC CORPORATION are manufacturing of truck mounted crane and mini crawler crane brand name of "UNIC" or "UNIC CRANE".
UNIC cranes are multi-purpose hydraulic cranes used for various type of loading works.
The structural characteristics of our cranes are well defined in that they all have long telescopic boom, hoist-winch as standard equipment, and the unique turntables system which enables continuous 360 degrees boom-slewing(excluding URA100series). But we also enjoy high reputations of our cranes in their lifting performance, wide working range,easy operation and high level of safety devices. In the domestic market, our cranes have overwhelming shares against those of the articular type cranes.
Lifting performance
Because of hoist-winch, long telescopic boom and the excellent hydraulic devices such as oil pump, cylinder, motor ,etc., UNIC cranes function extremely well in handling heavy cargoes. The span of the outriggers is wide, and therefore the crane stays stable and safe. The 4 points supporting system also contributes to the stability during the operation of the crane. The maximum lifting moment of our cranes exceeds that of the models in the similar class articular type cranes.
Wide working range
They are small in traveling position but stretch out long in operation, UNIC cranes have excellent capability in handling not only the cargoes on the truck's platform, but also the cargoes on a high position, below the ground level or a place at a distance from the truck. The maximum reach of the boom is longer than that of the similar one in similar class articular type cranes.
High safety and reliability
Our cranes are made of the good quality Japanese high tensile steel. All of our products are produced under the strict quality and production controls at our factory and the finished products are inspected rigidly before shipment. UNIC cranes are equipped with several safety devices which have passed the strict Japanese environmental conditions as well as other standards such as the JIS and the Industrial Safety and Health Law.
Easy operation and high efficiency
The operation of outriggers; elevation, extension and slewing of boom; and operation of winch, are controlled by respective control levers. The speed of the operation, from low to high, can be controlled by these levers. Our cranes have various superior points to the articular type crane, i.e. the longer telescopic boom, hoist-winch, etc.
UNIC cranes can move cargoes straightly up or down. This makes the operation in a narrow space possible and reduces the chance of giving damages to the cargo. The speed of operation can be controlled so accurately and smoothly that the shock at the time of starting and stopping of the operation is minimized.
With UNIC cranes it is very easy to move cargoes to beyond the fence or to the place below the ground. The performance comparison between UNIC URV343 and the same class articular type crane with 2tons of load for each is specified by the oblique lines. This clearly shows that our UNIC crane has much wider range of lifting performance.
It is indispensable to have the crane on dedicated trucks of manufacturers of machineries, plate glass, concrete, etc. Rather than on those trucks used for general trans portation, the cranes are more used on the dedicated trucks of the specific transportation business.
Iron-and-Steel industries:
For Transportation and assembly of products.
Foodstuff and feed:
For transportation of packaged powder products(also for lifting up the package and throwing the powder into the hopper).
Concrete products:
For transportation and moving products at destination.
For transportation of maintenance parts and for maintenance works, our cranes are being used widely.
For transportation of various materials and for short transportation purpose at working site, as well as construction of prefabricated houses.
Machine manufacturing:
For transportation of machines and installation at destination.
Highway maintenance:
For moving of damaged cars by traffic accident.
For delivery of logs at site as well as transportation of machines and products.
Construclion machine/
Electric machine manufacturing:
Not only for transportatjon of products but also for their after sales-services such as repairs and exchange of parts of machines at construction sites.
UNIC cranes are installed on fishing boats for various kinds of lifting job at cultivation sites of oyster, scallop and yellowtail.
Electrical works:
For transportation and installation of utility poles and other materials.
For handling and placing of plants and garden stones.
Agriculture and irrigation:
For construction of drains and roads, and harvesting(sugar canes and palm oil).
For transportation and installation.
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